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March 3, 2022

Not It!

As a little kid my favorite game was freeze tag, I looked forward to playing every day during recess with my friends.  We would run to the playground and scout out all the places in advance where we could escape from the one who was going to be chasing after us.  Just as the game was about to begin we all looked at each other and knew that if we were going to have any advantage at winning this game we would have to be the first one to shout out these words.  Say it with me… “Not It!”  If you happened to be the unfortunate kid who was distracted in this moment then everyone ran away from you like you had the plague.  It was game time, and you’d typically find me running like Allyson Felix far away from the kids who was “it”.

Sometimes, we can get caught in a game of freeze tag when it comes to how we manage the health of our own bodies.  I can remember just a few months ago around Christmas, one of my godmothers lovingly made and brought me a pound cake, drenched with frosting and I promise you it was calling my name.  Just take one bite, nobody has to know, it’s really ok, you eat healthy most of the time and you deserve this indulgence.  I’ll have to be honest and say that this dialogue with the pound cake probably lasted a lot longer than it should have but then I realized my childhood game and knew I had to make a decision.  I thought about that kid that everyone ran away from and took several steps away from the cake and decided to give it to my kids.  

Was it a hard decision for me? Absolutely, I could hear that still small voice on the inside saying, “Step away from the pound cake”, and initially I would have ignored it, but it’s getting easier.  You see in the game of freeze tag you realize that once you’ve been tagged then you’re frozen until someone else comes to your rescue to tag you and then you can join the game again.  When we choose foods that temporarily paralyze our progress then we’ve got to look for the resources to help us consistently make better choices with the foods we eat.  

This is why I’m here creating healthy desserts with Tastefull and cheering you on to reach your health goals and enjoy the journey.   We can sometimes get a little sidetracked by foods that attempt to freeze you in your progress, but Tastefull is your resource to get you out and help you have treats that help keep you satisfied as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

I’m a firm believer that you have what you say, so I encourage you to use your words in moments like I had when I faced that decadent pound cake.  Make this declaration, “I choose to eat foods that increase my health”.  When you do this you’re definitely see yourself winning and when it comes to unhealthy food habits that paralyze your progress you’ll be confident in shouting “Not It!”

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