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November 17, 2021

Better to Give than to Receive

Last year I paired my knowledge of vegan meals and love of cooking to prepare and serve Thanksgiving meals for families that hit hard times. 2020 presented a lot of challenges for so many people in many areas but I believe nobody should be without a good meal. Regardless of their food allergies or dietary restrictions everyone should have more than enough to eat and unfortunately poverty is not dietary specific. There are many who struggle to place food on the table for their families and some have to compromise because of limited options. I remember experiencing difficult time several years ago when my husband lost his job right after we had our first child. I remember thinking, how in the world can we get by with one less income and one more mouth to feed, but 7 years later I can say that God truly provided beyond what I thought was possible.
It was also during that time that I realized most pantries and food banks don’t specialize in meals for those with special dietary needs or health concerns. My heart for helping others stems from my own experiences as well as participating with my mom serving the homeless in Detroit. As a child, we would spend hours preparing, packaging and serving vegetarian meals to hundreds of people. Now as a mom, business owner, and educator I believe that I have the opportunity and the responsibility to give back. I encourage you this holiday season to identify the opportunities to give that exist within our own community and sometimes in our own neighborhoods. We each have the power to be the vehicle through which someone else can be blessed.
Whether it’s a knowledge, skills, or financial resources we have more than enough to help someone who is less fortunate than we are. Never wait for the perfect time to step in and help, that perfect time is right now. My motto is “if you don’t have what you need, use what you have” and bring a smile to someone this holiday season.

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  1. Darice

    Great blog! My parents barely had any money, nor did they ever own their own home, but God always provided! And they were always helping others. On a very regular basis, we had people over for food, good conversation and laughter! I do my best to pass along my parents’ legacy of love and grace, but there’s always room for improvement! 😁

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