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August 17, 2021

Getting to Know You

Tell me your favorite ice cream flavor and I can just about describe your personality.   Who can determine and make such a bold statement?  Baskin Robbins conducted a study in order to determine this during National Ice Cream month.  Research reveals that  If you’re into vanilla then you’re considered “impulsive” and if you enjoy chocolate chip cookie dough you’re “ambitious”.  According to this study my personality type “loving, supportive, and avoids spotlight” which is actually pretty accurate but it’s very interesting how the foods that we eat can either define us or confine us.  

Getting to Know You

Have you ever noticed that the foods that you eat can put labels on you.  If you only eat fish and seafood then you’re a pescatarian, eating plant based food makes you vegan, If you are a low carb no sugar eater then you’re considered to be keto.  There are hundreds of diet and lifestyle choices that identify you and often times due to health concerns our meals are modified, but I am a firm believe that you have to know what’s best for your body.  Certain people who follow these lifestyles are very determined to convert everyone to live and eat just like them, some will even shame you for not embracing the diet that changed their life. 

Putting it My Way

I take a different stance and believe you eat what benefits your body.  On a personal level, I lived as a vegetarian for over 20 years, within the past 2 years I follow more of a vegan lifestyle and as I research what’s best for my body then I eat accordingly.  I believe your body will tell you what’s beneficial and it will reject what’s harmful.  Our job is to listen to our body, make the adjustment, and be more driven to eat healthy then to eat what’s popular.  

Getting to Feel Free and Easy

This is why I get such joy in creating products that contain simple all natural ingredients that provide delicious treats that most can enjoy.  No wheat? No problem!  No dairy? No Problem! No processed sugars?  I’ve got you covered!  It’s my passion to make it easy for you to select any product from our Tastefull Dessert Shop and know that you can be free to enjoy.

Day by Day

Taking time to get to know and understand what foods are best for your body doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s tons of research that can sell any of the common trends in food lifestyles, but remember your body will tell you.  If you need any tips or suggestions feel free to reach out, in additional to providing delicious frozen treats, I enjoy helping people find meal solutions based upon your food lifestyle.  Together with the right tools, resources, and delicious health food your body will not only benefit, but you can enjoy what you eat too! 

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  1. Darice

    I really enjoyed this blog entry! It took me quite a few years of painful trial and error to figure out what my system can and can’t process. And I’m still learning. I am so thankful for you Kalene! You are such a blessing!! Thank You LORD for this beautiful young lady!! Please continue to grow her business to its full potential! And LORD, please give Kalene and her family Your wisdom, strength, courage, and grace to grow Tastefull according to Your best plan. I mean, it’s already AMAZING LORD! I can’t wait to see what You have in store! I ask this in the precious and Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen 🙏🏼

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