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April 20, 2021

Hit The Road Jack

Our family recently took some time off and spent a few days on vacation in Cincinnati.  Most parents can attest to potential challenges of planning a trip when you know the majority of the car ride you have to prepare to answer the following about every 3 to 5 minutes. “Are we there yet?”  “How long before we get there?”  “It’s taking sooo long!!”  

Also, let me be clear, this was our first trip in over a year and it was very much needed. I almost forgot how to pack, and now we had the added items to include: multiple face masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes. Since this trip was going to be a couple of  hours we had to pack plenty of snacks, and in times past, I was not mindful of packing snacks that were healthy for me. I figured that if the kids had granola bars, fruit snacks and fruit then I could enjoy the bare minimum like air and water. I never thought about how preparing to eat healthy on a road trip would prevent me from rekindling an old flame with my “ex” a.k.a sugar [check out the first article to find out more about that relationship].

It took a little more time and I got creative packing raw nuts, pretzels, and a yogurt parfait with grain free granola and fresh fruit. I had to develop a mindset ahead of time that eating healthy is a lifestyle not a part time job.  Don’t get me wrong, if I must be honest, there was a weak moment with some vegan chocolate donuts, but for the most part I came out unscathed. However, the mindset that I’m choosing is one that is being developed over time and it’s the reason why I make desserts for you! I want to make it easy and give plenty of options that help you with your cravings as well as health goals. 

Mindset is key and as ironic as it is, my 4 year old daughter has made up in her mind that her favorite song right now is “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles. I don’t know who Jack is for her, but whenever she sings that song, she puts her whole self into it with choreographed dancing, singing, and makes me the backup singer. If I had to pick a Jack in my life you already know who it is. I find myself saying these lyrics to my ex especially the part, “Don’t you come back no more”.  

I look forward to bringing more options that help you prepare for summer trips or just need to pack from sweet treats for a day at the beach. I’ll be rolling out new desserts including ice cream and hope to bring you a tasty treat that will bring a smile to your face and strengthen your resolve to eat healthy one Tastefull treat at a time.

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