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January 19, 2021

The Breakup

Have you even been in a relationship that you know needed to end, but you just didn’t have the strength to walk away? You know the relationship is over when you realize that.   Well, let me tell you about my soon to be ex.

I know you’re thinking, this blog is supposed to be about vegan desserts. Where’s the recipe for the ice cream and popsicles?  That’s coming, but it’s important to share with you why Tastefull was created and how it’s an answer to an unhealthy relationship.  

This relationship started from my childhood, we grew up together, celebrated every holiday, major accomplishments and even when I was at my lowest I knew I had a companion that was going to be right there.  Every morning you greeted me and in the evenings we’d spend time together alone when nobody else was around.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I realized our relationship was physically and emotionally bringing me down.     

I bet your wheels are turning to find out how this break up ended, and thought it would be fitting to share the letter I wrote to end this relationship.

Dear Sugar,
We’ve been together all my life and,  I thought because you were always present it meant that you cared.  You showed up at my birthday party, graduation, you even crashed my wedding!  All this time I had no idea what you were doing to me.  I began to look for you after a long day, and when  we were together I was able to get a temporary fix but you never fully satisfied me.  Being with you created an insatiable desire that could never be  satisfied because your desire was to create an addict.  So today I’m letting you know that we’re DONE!  You can no longer invade my space.  I decide today to choose my health and overall well being  over supporting your cause.  I know you will not make it easy on me, but I’m choosing a lifestyle that no longer includes you.
Your Ex

 Yep! I decided two years ago to slowly transition to a vegan lifestyle after being a vegetarian for over 20 years.  When I made that decision, I also began to remove sugar which is not a requirement for vegans, but I believe it was needful for me.  You probably could’ve called me an addict.  I kept Twizzlers in my purse; I could eat an entire Cinnabon roll by myself, and would even eat my Oreo flurries in the car so I wouldn’t have to share with the kids when I got home.  So to say that it was hard for me to let sugar go, is not an understatement.  Becoming vegan and finding vegan desserts that were free of refined sugar seemed challenging so I started making my own.  

In spring of 2019 I made my first nut free, soy free, refined sugar free frozen dessert and have been crafting new products ever since.  I desire to make products for the health conscious consumer, vegan, vegetarian, celiac, diabetic, the recovering sugar addict, and really anyone who enjoys dessert. Tastefull was to help me enjoy this healthy lifestyle journey and I hope that you try Tastefull treats you’ll enjoy it too!

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